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Dog and Cat Boarding Services at Our Kennel

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Leave your precious pets in caring hands with boarding services from our cat and dog kennel in Apple Valley, California. LUV-M KENNELS INC. is a cat and dog boarding facility that will take care of your pets while you are away. Our staff genuinely cares about your pets and do our best to guarantee that they are happy. Contact us at (760) 240-4321 to learn more about our country kennel.

Dog Services
Do you need someone to love your pet while your away?  Then LUV-M KENNELS  is the place, Our loving staff at LUV-M KENNELS offers love and security and anything else needed to serve your pet. We want you to know that pet is being cared for and you need not worry about his care, because that is what we are here to provide. a loving safe place for your pet.  Just know that our kennels are here to serve your dogs needs.  Your dog has a clean  individual indoor/outdoor run with shade or sun. We play music and entertain them throughout their stay. Our goal is to make sure they're happy. We encourage you to bring your own dog food, so that you know exactly what your dogs are fed. Just tell us when and how you would like it fed, we know that everyone has a different way of feeding their kids. So with that in mind we have a feeding schedule that tells us of each dogs individual needs and we will do our best to accomodate them.

Medications are a $1.00 Extra for pills, for shots the price varies. Upon check in please let our staff know if your pet requires any extra attention for any special needs.

Cat Boarding
Keep your kitties purring with our cat boarding services. We offer two-level individual kitty condos for your cats that are housed on the opposite side of the house, away from the dogs. Our owners live on the premises, so there is always someone available to watch after your cat. Upon request, we play television or music for your cat.

Call us today at (760) 240-4321 to make dog or cat boarding reservations.