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Give your cat or dog a comfortable place to stay while you're away by putting them in our country kennel. For your convenience, LUV-M KENNELS INC. is open seven days a week and welcomes anyone who wants to come in and tour our facility. Call us at (760) 240-4321 to sign your pet up for our dog or cat boarding services.

**We Require Proof of Vacinations**

Just Like a Motel
Our kennel works just like a motel, which means that you are charged for the day no matter what time you bring your pet in. When you pick up your pet, if you check out before noon, you are not charged for that day. Call for current prices. We welcome all breeds, sizes, and ages. Puppies must have had 2 sets of vacinations befoe boarding.

For more than 40 years, our owners have been breeding boxers. They started this kennel to provide their loving services directly to the community. The owners Karen and Joe Herring have built and operated this kennel for 22 years in the same location, our best advertisement is word of mouth.

Contact us in Apple Valley, California at (760) 240-4321 to place your pet in our country kennel.